Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

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Discover configurable software solutions—all that can easily integrate with your hospital’s existing applications—and start driving your facility toward:

Registration Accuracy     efficient document management      Improve Patient Experience

Avoid the major costs and risks associated with replacing your core systems. See how.

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Paperless Document Management - ActiveXCHANGE

Eliminate the need for paper printouts, patient copies, handwritten logs, follow-up requests, and the manual administration of so many physical records by consolidating all of your fax and other electronic orders and documents into one centralized gateway.

Patient Flow, Tracking & Registration Solutions - ActiveTRACK

Provide world-class patient experiences with tools to support your greeter stations, registration kiosks, and patient tracking capabilities. Extend real-time patient status visibility to all appropriate teams—including clinical departments—and boost patient satisfaction in the process. 

Patient Encounter Management & Registration Accuracy - ActiveDEFENDER

Obtain top tier status in registration accuracy by getting proactive about quality assurance for the entire patient encounter. Prevent errors, eliminate rework, and reduce reimbursement delays/denials with continuous monitoring, issue detection, and resolution—even after the registration process is complete.