ActiveFAX Is Now ActiveXCHANGE

What is ActiveXCHANGE? 

ActiveXCHANGE is the newly renamed iteration of ActiveFAX, a comprehensive indexing solution and paperless workflow for all forms of unstructured patient information—including physician orders, third-party test results, care plans, protocols, pre-surgical documentation, and more. ActiveXCHANGE features all the benefits of the ActiveFAX solution, plus exciting new capabilities from our 4.0 redesign that go beyond fax-based transmissions.

Why the switch? 

The new product name—from ActiveFAX to ActiveXCHANGE—reflects the full breadth of this robust document management solution. Sending, receiving, and managing faxed documents are major product features, but  ActiveXCHANGE also facilitates communication across a variety of platforms and services. ActiveXCHANGE can serve as a single repository of patient data regardless of source, allowing facilities to send and receive financial and clinical documentation from EMRs and practice management solutions without having to print and scan.

To learn more about ActiveXCHANGE, request an online product demonstration or contact the HealthWare Systems team.