ActiveFAX - Fax Software Solutions for Healthcare

ActiveFAX allows providers to securely send and receive patient data, such as physician orders, from physician offices or any number of different sources without having to print it out creating paperless management of faxes.  Our fax software provides a high level of security and HIPAA compliant audit trails of all faxing activity.  Providers now have a way to manage the unstructured information that comes to their facility before the patient arrives and is pre-registered. 


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HealthWare Systems has provided hospitals with ActiveFAX since 2003.  Recently HealthWare released ActiveFAX 4.0. We have redesigned our fax software from the ground up.  ActiveFAX 4.0 provides all the power and capabilities of HealthWare's original ActiveFAX with many new exciting features and capabilities.   

As more and more facilities implement EMRs they still struggle with what to do with the documentation that is faxed to them or they need to fax out.  ActiveFAX solves this issue by providing a comprehensive indexing solution as well as workflow for all types of unstructured patient information.  In addition, ActiveFAX can aggregate information from just about any system (no systems integration required), combine it, and fax it out as a single transmission to one or more destinations. 
Even with the penetration of EMRs in provider facilities, Fax technology remains a constant in the communication of patient data.  Facilities need a way to securely send and receive patient information and the ability to efficiently locate and manage that information electronically.

ActiveFAX 4.0 provides specialty workflows for:

ActiveFAX is helping providers across the country:

  • Improve patient and clinician communication
  • Significantly reduce denials
  • Provide paperless pre surgical operations including deficiency/abnormal management and pre arrival workflows (reducing delayed procedures, duplicate testing, patient/physician frustration)
  • Improve departmental communication and overall facility performance