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Automate Medical Forms to Make Data Collection Easier, More Accurate and Reduce Waste

ActiveFORMS provides an easy-to-manage system that replaces pre-printed medical forms with a streamlined electronic forms library. Electronic medical forms can be printed as needed, reducing bulk printing costs and storage needs, and can be easily revised and redistributed at any time. The forms library is built around customizable business rules to help staff quickly identify the appropriate forms for every patient and situation. With patient demographic data preprinted on all forms, barcode labels are not needed, and data collection efficiency and accuracy are improved. The system can convert any data feed into an easy-to-read format, and operates across departments and multiple facilities.


  • Streamline Data Collection

activeforms.pngActiveFORMS automates the selection, generation, and routing of forms, and enables consistent document standards for all patient encounters. The system’s business rules engine ensures that the right documentation is produced every time, and takes the burden off of the registrar to remember the selection criteria for every form they use. Each department only sees its own forms and printers for easier use and increased staff productivity. 

  • Reduce or Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms

A huge expense for any hospital is the cost of pre-printed forms, especially multi-part forms, for use in registration and clinical areas.  ActiveFORMS eliminates the cost of pre-printed forms and labels, storage needs, and waste when revisions are made by using electronic forms that print as needed and can be easily updated. 

  • Print On Demand

Staff can quickly and easily select a patient, choose the desired medical form(s), and produce them as needed using a standard laser printer. This functionality can be used to regenerate wristbands, nursing notes/worksheets, and any combination of forms for a single patient or a group of patients (eg. all patients on a floor, all patients to be discharged today). 

  • Improve Patient Data Accuracy

All ActiveFORMS documents include standard patient demographic data and bar code identifiers, which reduces the potential for forms to be confused between different charts, and saves staff time from needing to handwrite the same patient data on every form. It also enables facilities to easily pass required JCAHO audits. 

  • More Efficient Document Management

Every ActiveFORMS document is a barcoded, clean original that is ideally suited to feed into the scan/capture process used by electronic document management systems (EDMS).  

  • Create and Modify Forms as Needed

A hospital has the ability to create and maintain their own electronic medical forms, library and business rules independently using the ActiveFORMS design tools. Every change is instantly distributed to all access points.

  • Transform Raw Data into Easy-to-Read Reports

ActiveFORMS also can be used to automatically reformat raw, unstructured data feeds into easy-to-read documents or reports.  

  • Register Patients During Downtime

Even when an information system is offline, staff are able to enter a basic set of registration data and instantly produce a set of registration forms.

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