Paperless Healthcare Document Management

What is paper-based information exchange costing your facility?

  • Inefficient workflows and disconnected departments?
  • The risk of lost or misfiled paper records (and thousands in potential HIPAA penalties)?
  • Millions of dollars annually in wasted resources?

Today, you can vastly improve your handling of physician orders, work lists, eligibility requests, consents, pre-surgical documents, and other healthcare files that would otherwise require physical paperwork. And you can do it without disruptive system integration—particularly if you’re considering RightFax for information exchange.

The Possibilities with Paperless Healthcare Document Management

You’ve seen how EMRs are supporting better medical care. With the right technology, digital health administration can be equally transformative—relieving your teams from hours of scanning, printing, copying, color-coding, and searching. Automated indexing eliminates the challenge of inconsistent naming conventions and lost files, while HIPAA-compliant audit trails capture every encounter with each individual record. In other words: No more scheduling mix-ups. No more missing charts. No more rework.

How Efficient Information Exchange Works for Everyone

For good or ill, information exchange affects everyone in your facility. Imagine if you could adopt a single platform, capable of receiving orders and records via fax, email, PMS, EMR, etc. You could easily route replies, requests, and rejections to all your different departments—supporting instant collaboration with surgery, radiology, pharmacy, pain clinics, labor and delivery, and all your physician teams.

A Simple Solution to Manage Your Faxes and More

ActiveXCHANGE is already helping hospitals like yours eliminate millions of paper pages per year, while repurposing FTEs and revolutionizing communication among departments. Discover how ActiveXCHANGE works as a single repository for all your healthcare records, regardless of the source… and how it can coordinate with the RightFax platform for even broader benefits.