Healthcare Management Software for Pre-arrival Ensures Seamless Patient Encounters

The pre-arrival validation process can be a key indicator of the success of a patient visit.  By having all clinical and financial data collected before your patient ever arrives, you can eliminate the inefficient back-and-forth shuffle of paperwork between departments.  And you’ll have the advantage of providing more streamlined care, at a lower cost. 

Our innovative electronic checklist and dashboard ensure that all patients are clinically and financially cleared before they arrive, and all pertinent information is integrated into the central patient file. The solution enforces pre-arrival standards and includes timing and reporting tools so that performance benchmarks can be monitored. 

Our pre-arrival solutions include:   

  • ActiveQ
  • Address Verification
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Medical Necessity
  • Price Estimation
  • ActiveASSIST
  • Point of Service Collection