Improving Patient Experience and Patient Satisfaction

What if you could…

  • Reduce your average patient wait time to just 3 minutes…or less?
  • Streamline and personalize your registration process?
  • Improve your training and staffing efforts, while boosting satisfaction levels among everyone in your facility?

Right now hospitals like yours are achieving these results, without restructuring or overhauling core systems. And their patients are the first to notice.

Why Patient Experience Matters

Increasingly, patient satisfaction scores are tied to healthcare reimbursement. For hospitals with already slim profit margins, even small percent revenue changes will be redefining. Patient “consumers” are also using satisfaction surveys and reviews to comparison shop for ideal medical providers. Finally, and most important, positive patient experiences contribute to better health outcomes. When patients feel valued and heard, they’re more likely to follow through with recommended treatment plans and cooperate with physician efforts.

What Positive Patient Experiences Look Like

While some facilities are bending over backwards to treat patients like tourists (with gourmet food, upscale rooms, or even laundry service), most patients are hoping to be treated like individuals. Hospitals can literally score points by respecting patients’ time, eliminating redundant paperwork, anticipating personal needs (e.g. financial counseling), and exuding warmth and positivity during encounters that are often stressful.  

A Simple Solution to Improve Your Facility’s Patient Experience

Patient tracking/lobby management software isn’t new. But ours is. Every day it’s helping hospitals and healthcare providers deliver more efficient, expedient care—and delighting patients in the process. Discover why ActiveTRACK is so easy to implement and so highly intuitive for your end users.

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