Improving Registration Accuracy

HealthWare Systems’ ActiveCHECK solution is designed to promote patient registration accuracy throughout the patient encounter (pre-registration, registration and beyond). Easy-to-use and customizable, ActiveCHECK provides users with accurate patient registrations by ensuring that all information objects, not just data, are correct within the context of each registration’s unique data, documentation and process requirements. ActiveCHECK works along with ActiveWARE to tie in multiple disciplines, sometimes from multiple vendors, into a single cohesive solution.


  • Address Correction/Standardization

    ActiveCHECK ensures that addresses are standardized and corrected according to USPS standards, providing mail processing savings and improving matching algorithms of MPI solutions.
  • Delivery Point Verification

    Each address entered into registration should be verified as a deliverable address, ActiveCHECK enables this to occur on every address including next of kin, emergency contacts, employers, insurance company and others.
  • Registration Real-Time Audits

    ActiveCHECK allows you to add error checks directly into the registration screen flow, both in real-time and immediately after registration.
  • MPI Integrity Checking

    The wrong medical record number assigned during registration represents a serious safety issue. ActiveCHECK uses sophisticated data mining solutions drawn from the direct mail industry to reduce duplicate medical records.
  • Registrar Reviews

    With ActiveCHECK, a post-registration review can be performed on a random sampling of registrations and used to perform peer reviews and comparisons between registrars, which provides an additional level of verification for those items that cannot be detected electronically.
  • Forms Automation

    Through ActiveCHECK, HealthWare Systems provides solutions that automatically print the appropriate registration packet based on a business rules engine that is fully configurable by the client (requires additional purchase).
  • Positive Patient Identification

    Confirming a patient’s residency and phone number are important elements of fraud prevention and positive patient identification. Our ActiveCHECK solution can “pop” photos or driver’s licenses from past encounters on screen for the registrar as visual confirmation of the patient’s identity (requires additional purchase).
  • Patient-Specific Directives and Alerts

    With ActiveCHECK, information specific to the patient can be “popped” for the registrar to enable them to interact with the patient on a one-to-one basis. Some of this information will assist the registrar in entering the appropriate information (i.e. payor notes or other reference materials).
  • Deficiency Tracking/Follow-up

    Through the use of the business rules engine of our system, you have the ability to trigger follow-up work queues when a specific data element and/or document type is missing (i.e. missing physician order, unsigned consent form). Requires ActiveREG.
  • Proactive Follow-up

    ActiveCHECK allows events triggered during registration (gathering signatures for unsigned documents, pushing requests for ABN assistance to social services, routing Important Message from Medicare to staff for final signature prior to discharge) to immediately be routed to the appropriate associate for follow-up and resolution.
  • Denial Profiling/Near Real-Time Audits

    For errors not supported through discrete data or document interrogation, HealthWare Systems provides the ability to forward work objects for secondary review. These could be based on profiles or conditions of the most frequent denials and/or underpayments or the need to have an expert in a particular payor’s requirements review the information. Errors detected during this process can be forwarded back to the registrar for self-correction.
  • Insurance Eligibility

    ActiveCHECK integrates with our EDI processing engine to incorporate real-time insurance eligibility through a combination of direct connections to specific payors, multiple clearinghouses and government agencies. The solution also automatically selects the least-costly provider of the information and provides actionable results for follow-up.