Patient Registration Software That Extends Existing Systems

ActiveREG extends the functionality of your existing registration system by adding an “expert system” under the hood. Our patient registration software enforces data and documentation standards to improve the quality of information gathered during patient registration. ActiveREG takes the detailed knowledge of all government regulations, payor-specific procedures, and encounter-specific requirements and builds this knowledge into a series of business rules that automate and simplify the patient registration process.

ActiveREG Features

  • Eliminate Blue Cards and Labels

    If you are still using blue cards and/or labels to identify patient documents, we can show you how to eliminate these costly and inefficient tools. ActiveREG is integrated with our ActiveFORMS library so that all forms produced are barcoded and pre-populated with patient information. This improves readability and increases efficiencies for scanning and indexing.
  • Eliminate Photocopies thru Front-end Scanning

    Photocopies are typically used to allow multiple departments to have simultaneous access to information captured in registration. By scanning all documentation at the point of registration, the registrar never leaves the patient and the information captured is immediately accesible throughout your facility.
  • Improve Patient Privacy

    All information captured by ActiveREG is available immediately. There is no need to give documents to the patient to deliver to the ancillary department. Information is encrypted and accessible only to authorized users. Each user’s role determines which content is available to them. Full audit trails for use and disclosure reporting are maintained by the system.
  • Reduce Rework

    By enforcing data and documentation standards, ActiveREG insures that the correct information is captured. All subsequent processes benefit by this improved accuracy and rework is significantly reduced. It is also possible to measure the accuracy of each registrars work and compare it to their peers by adding our ActiveAUDIT module.
  • Collect at Point-of-Service

    Collect co-pay, current debts, bad debt balances at point-of-service by check, credit, or debit card. Establish payment plans and auto-debit credit/debit accounts. Integrate with non-recourse loan providers from a single application.