ActiveXCHANGE for Physician Orders & Healthcare Document Management

ActiveXCHANGE for Physician Orders is a unique document management solution for healthcare that ensures that the diverse and sometimes hard-to-read physician orders are collected and maintained as electronic images, making them easily accessible to patient access, financial services and ancillary departments.

With ActiveXCHANGE for Physician Orders hospitals can receive, collect and manage all incoming physician orders electronically, review orders for accuracy simply and immediately, reject and return incomplete orders with just one click, route orders to appropriate departments electronically and even index orders for permanent, encrypted storage and future retrieval. ActiveXCHANGE also provides a secure platform for you to deliver valuable information back to your physicians by restricting transmission to only those recipients on the hospital’s approved list of destinations.

How ActiveXCHANGE Works

  • Physician Faxes Order

    Physicians simply fax orders as they have always have.  No new software to install and learn. 
  • Your Facility

    Reviews all faxes simply and securely. For incomplete or inaccurate orders, the order can be rejected and faxed back immediately to the originator with a single click. Your staff can even provide an explanation for the rejection.
  • Approve, Index and Route Order

    For orders that meet your approval they can be routed to different areas for Scheduling, Pre Registration, Medical Necessity, Eligibility/Pre Authorization and ultimately to each department. With ActiveXCHANGE  for Physician Orders, your scheduling department or pre-access team has a single location for all physician orders. No more calling all around your hospital to find an order. 
  • ActiveXCHANGE Broadcast

    ActiveXCHANGE maintains a physician database that a hospital can use to communicate directly and simultaneously to multiple physician offices. A document can be sent to the entire physician population using the fax broadcast interface.
  • Verbal Orders

    ActiveXCHANGE provides the ability to document verbal orders and initiate pre-registration activities prior to the receipt of the physical order.
  • Integration with Scheduling

    ActiveXCHANGE provides the ability to receive schedule reports for phone appointments and to initiate pre-registration activities prior to the receipt of the corresponding physician order.