ActiveORDER: The Newest Tool in Radiology

Lets You See Inside Your Department Workflows

What is ActiveORDER for Radiology (scheduling and order management)?

ActiveORDER is a web-based ordering platform for free-standing, outpatient imaging centers and for hospital imaging departments that manage their own orders/schedules. It’s a customizable tool that helps these professionals submit imaging orders, while simultaneously scheduling procedure reservations—all with much greater speed and accuracy than traditional submission allows.

How does it work?

Once physicians and staff members access ActiveORDER, they can easily complete online forms using point-click capabilities. Meanwhile, a data-capture function allows them to map information to multiple forms (e.g. patient registration forms) at the same time. All forms are automatically barcoded for seamless indexing.

Physicians can review and complete orders created by their staff, then add their signatures electronically. Context-sensitive test instructions are available for printing at the time of entry. Procedure-specific information and patient instructions can also be printed directly from the order interface, and provided to patients before they leave the office.

How does ActiveORDER support radiology scheduling and appointments?

ActiveORDER can be integrated with your facility’s radiology scheduling system, giving ordering physicians and their staff immediate access to all potential openings. ActiveORDER will search for the best available appointment slots and modalities.

How is ActiveORDER different from other CPOE platforms?

To save time and eliminate errors, ActiveORDER is tailored to fit your imaging center or department. For example, your group can determine which data fields apply, which are required, and which options to include in any drop-down selections (test lists, procedure lists, symptoms, etc.). You can also create templates for frequently submitted orders that include prepopulated fields.

Does ActiveORDER support other types of healthcare information exchange?

ActiveORDER can be implemented as a standalone ordering module or integrated with ActiveXCHANGE, HealthWare Systems’ comprehensive document management solution. ActiveXCHANGE imports all healthcare communications—regardless of the origination source (PMS, EMR)—then exports files into your host HIS system. 

How does ActiveORDER expedite registration and pre-arrival workflows?

With integrated medical necessity software, ActiveORDER can perform an online medical necessity check during the ordering process. The results of the check, including the creation of an ABN, can be signed by the patient either at the physician’s office or at the facility performing the procedure(s). 

All documentation (ABNs, consent forms, patient instructions, etc.) are held in an electronic patient folder (EPF), pending the patient’s arrival. Once the patient presents at any registration booth, these documents are pushed to the registrar’s desktop. All documents are available for electronic signature or printing, then can be exported into the facility’s host system.