ActiveXCHANGE for Surgery

Improving Perioperative Workflows and Surgery Center Management

surgery center management and perioperative paperworkPerioperative delays and surgery cancelations can damage your patients’ experiences—not to mention your revenue cycle. And while some throughput challenges may be out of your hands, incomplete patient charts and misplaced test results/physician orders are completely avoidable.

Discover the surgical documentation solution that will transform your hospital’s OR department or your surgery center management strategy.

ActiveXCHANGE for Surgery will help your facility:

  • Reduce delayed, rescheduled, and cancelled surgical procedures
  • Avoid duplicate documentation and unnecessary, day-of testing
  • Improve communication with referring physicians and third-party testing organizations
  • Raise physician satisfaction and patient satisfaction levels
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Dramatically improve financial performance

Here’s how it works: ActiveXCHANGE for Surgery converts all faxed surgical forms and orders—whether from referring physicians, PCPs, or third-party test centers—into electronic documentation. The digitized files are then incorporated into your custom workflows, to ensure completion of all pre-encounter activities. 

Simplify your surgery center management or surgery department workflows with these features:

  • A complete audit trail of all faxed communication (no more handwritten logs)
  • Electronic fax rejection, sent back to the originator, for clarification, incompleteness, or legibility issues
  • Comprehensive search capability for all patient forms, based on any number of search parameters
  • Open access to files for all authorized parties—without making copies
  • Detailed reporting of fax activity and physician performance/timely compliance

If your perioperative teams are wasting time on redundant paperwork, or if your nurses are sacrificing bedside time to track down medical histories and lab results, it’s time to get your surgery schedule back on track.

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