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Self-Pay Financial Assistance Screening

ActiveASSIST is our real-time financial assistance screening and workflow management solution. Our solution is designed to identify alternative funding sources for patients, support patient advocacy through counseling and assistance, and ensure that self-pay patients are managed consistently.

55% of Americans

Worry About the Affordability & Availability of Healthcare*

Automatically Screen Your Patients for
Third-Party Payors & Financial Assistance

Gallup – “Healthcare Once Again Tops List of Americans’ Worries” (2019)

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

& Revenue

  • Identify potential funding sources prior to date of service

  • Ensure provider is payer of last resort 

  • Segment and prioritize based on propensity to pay

  • Facilitate and assist staff with follow-up and counseling discussions

  • More effectively manage your self-pay and patient pay population

Improve Patient Experiences

Improve The Patient Experience

  • Provide counseling to self-pay and under-insured patients

  • Integrated calculators for defining household income and resources

  • Improve patient advocacy with real-time updates & simultaneous pursuit of multiple programs

  • Provides payment collection options based on each patient’s situation

Automate Processes

Streamline & Automate Processes

  • Pre-populate application forms

  • Utilize business rules to identify best candidates for assistance programs

  • Integrated, real-time presumptive scoring on the front end, upon request, & prior to bad debt

  • Distributed workflow supporting internal staff, onsite vendors, & offsite/field associates

Patient-First Technology Solution

ActiveASSIST is fully integrated with presumptive charity and propensity to pay solutions. Presumptive charity solutions determine the likelihood that a patient will qualify for financial assistance while propensity to pay solutions assess patients’ ability to pay.

Combining these solutions with a basic questionnaire integrated into the (pre)registration process, ActiveASSIST can identify a likely financial assistance prospect and route the patient history, visit information, and electronic application forms to internal counselors or hospital-approved vendors for follow-up.



Anytime, Anywhere!

At point of (pre)registration, bedside, PFS, and in the field



Guarantees that ALL patients are given the same fair and level assessment



Redirect collection efforts

and activities based on

ability to pay

Financial Assistance Automation
Financial Assistance Solution

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