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Registration Management & Accuracy

Enforce and monitor data and documentation standards across the entire patient encounter.

ActiveDEFENDER monitors each patient encounter while looking for actionable events and driving behavior through report cards and automated alerts.

Associates are notified to take action and address issues in real-time, significantly reducing rework and its negative impact on clinical and billing activities.

Registration Management System

After implementing ActiveDEFENDER, one of our clients achieved almost perfect patient registration...

helping them save $25 million!

Patient Registration Accuracy


ActiveDEFENDER Case study


Simplify patient transfers to external facilities 

(e.g. Long Term Care, Hospice)

Allow referral partners to submit documents directly and reduce theneed to use fax to submit additional documentation

Automate responses for additional documentation requests

Release items directly to core workflow solutions triggering follow-up activity or automated responses


ActivePRINT Brochure

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