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Electronic forms, specific to the patient visit, are instantly delivered wherever a patient presents.


No more guesswork, pre-printed forms or the need to print and stage documents ahead of time. Change forms on­ the-fly and update your library without the waste or repurposing costs from your old forms.

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Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms and Go Paperless Using Electronic Signatures

ActiveFORMS Application Screens

ActiveFORMS automates form selection, generation, and delivery using robotic process automation – removing the guesswork for staff. Our experienced team can transform any form (no matter how complex) into a standardized electronic form that can be easily integrated into your workflow to increase clarity and organization.

Forms automation not only improves administrative efficiency but also contributes to better data accuracy, compliance, and patient satisfaction within healthcare facilities.

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Reduce Waste

& Storage Costs

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Ensure Consistent

Documentation Standards

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Print On Demand

Increase Accuracy & Patient Safety

ActiveFORMS saves valuable time and resources through barcode automation, bedside registration, electronic signature, paperless patient registration, and auto-populating patient data on forms. We replace paperwork with a library of custom-branded, electronic forms that delivers the right documentation instantly and securely.


Most importantly, ActiveFORMS protects patients’ safety by improving patient data accuracy. It also enables facilities to easily pass required JCAHO audits.

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Discover the Benefits of ActiveFORMS

Ease of Retrieval

Digital forms are easily searchable and retrievable so registrars don't have to memorize selection criteria. 

Go Paperless

Reduced paper and storage costs, along with faster processes, lead to financial savings.

Security & Compliance

They facilitate adherence to regulatory requirements, ensuring data privacy and security.

Staff Efficiency

Streamline data capture and reduce manual data entry. Publish new forms and revisions in real-time.

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