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Simplify Capture & Delivery of Information

ActivePRINT captures any printed output and convert it into secure, digital images. These images can be categorized, recognized by type, and sent to a specific destination. No more paper or unsecured PDF images scattered across your desktop.

Automated Indexing

Reduce Paper Waste

Eliminates the need to print hardcopy documents

Automated Indexing

Capture From Anywhere

Common method to capture information from any desktop or web-based application (including payer websites)

Automated Indexing

Better Communication

Allows your staff to more effectively share information between systems and internal / external users

Automated Indexing

Create Sessions

Manage “sessions” containing output from multiple print streams

Automated Indexing

Create Packets

Assemble document sets for delivery consisting of letters, forms, scanned documents, faxes, and uploaded images

Automated Indexing

Record User Actions

Maintain a complete audit trail of delivered items


Print directly to ActivePRINT from any application. Import documents
directly from multifunction devices. Manage your “session” and create
a packet for delivery. Use ActivePRINT to release electronically to any
destination system.


ActivePRINT Brochure

Simplify patient transfers to external facilities 

(e.g. Long Term Care, Hospice)

Allow referral partners to submit documents directly and reduce theneed to use fax to submit additional documentation

Automate responses for additional documentation requests

Release items directly to core workflow solutions triggering follow-up activity or automated responses

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