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Patient Tracking software


Patient Tracking Solution

HealthWare Systems is committed to creating world-class patient experiences. Our secure tracking system, ActiveTRACK, provides real-time patient status while monitoring registration, throughput, and wait times. ActiveTRACK enables management to better allocate staff and resources and measure and reach specific goals related to increased efficiency, shorter registration and patient wait times, and improved patient experiences and patient satisfaction scores.

Reduce Patient Wait Times by 50%

Track Patients


Know where your patients are at all times, while reducing registration

wait times up to 50%


Improve patient satisfaction scores, match patient needs with registrar skills, and link valet to discharge


Keep family members informed with our messaging platform 


Proactively manage staff with real-time alerts and communication



Centrally manage multiple sites using real-time dashboards with visibility across the enterprise for all


Improve throughput & financial performance

Patient Arrival Touch Screen Kiosks

Patient Arrival & Patient Check-In Kiosks

A patient may check-in at a self-service kiosk.  For pre-registered patients, any documents that must be signed can be generated for immediate review and completion, while items like photo IDs and insurance cards can be scanned. 

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Patient Waiting List

Patient Waiting List

Advanced patient wait list strategies support immediate processing (e.g. surgery patient arrives within ½ hour of their surgery) or deferred processing (e.g. waiting for physician order). Fast track patients who are ready to see their physician(s).

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Real Time Patient Tracking

Real-Time Patient Tracking Dashboards

Capture real-time data related to arrival, wait times, registration, and clinical transitions. ActiveTRACK also provides visibility of patient status to all departments. This is especially useful for patients with multiple services across multiple departments.

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Help patient financially

Patient Experience & Family Satisfaction

ActiveTRACK improves communication between providers and patients and their family members as well.  An electronic patient tracking board, known as the ActiveDISPLAY feature, directs patients to registration booths when registrars are available and notifies family members of patient status (e.g. “in prep,” “in surgery,” “in recovery”) throughout the encounter.  ActiveTRACK also keeps family members informed through text messaging.  (Patients are assigned alphanumeric identifiers to ensure patient confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA.)


ActiveTRACK can also alert porters to patients’ special transport needs and link the valet service to the discharge process.  This ensures patients’ vehicles are ready and waiting immediately following their visit, which greatly increases patient satisfaction and improves the patient experience.

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Patient tracking solution

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