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We use AI to automate recognition and interpretation of ALL documents.

Works directly with Fax Servers, Multifunction Devices, Scanners, E-mail and any other options used to receive and capture documents.

Streamline all document processing across your organization…digitally convert your paper-based operations into automated workflows.

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Physician Orders/Referrals

Additional Documentation Requests

Refund Processing

Denial Responses

RAC Audit Requests

Invoice/EOB Processing

Digital Mailroom

80% of All Enterprise Data Is Unstructured

ActiveXCHANGE processes and recognizes all documents, images, and electronic data feeds. It acts as a gateway to your existing systems by recognizing, interpreting, and creating “actionable” data with no human intervention.

Works with industry-leading fax server platforms like RightFax, GoldFax, Forward Advantage, and many others. Use your existing scanners, multifunction devices, and other inputs to transform unstructured data into actionable information…without the huge overhead of manually reviewing and indexing each item you receive.

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ActiveXCHANGE Brochure

Physician Order Brochure

Digital Mailroom Brochure

Our Client Success Stories

Seamless Integration with

Seamless Integration with EPIC

ActiveXCHANGE Case Study

Enhancing the Efficiency of Managing Physician Orders and Supporting Documentation with ActiveXCHANGE

Folders Eliminated with ActiveXCHANGE_ed

18,333 Folders Eliminated

reduce patient wait times

1.3 Million Pages Per Year Eliminated and Patient Wait Times Reduced by 28% with ActiveXCHANGE

reduce call times

Consolidated 6 Separate Meditech Systems into 1 Pre-Arrival Workflow

meditech case study

ActiveXCHANGE Reduces Call Times by 75% and Registration Times by 50%

ActiveXCHANGE Physician Satisfaction_edi

Surgery Department Grows 20% Without an Increase in FTEs

increase physician satisfcation

Streamline Workflow and Increase Physician Satisfaction with ActiveXCHANGE

Want to Know More?

Interested in seeing how ActiveXCHANGE can benefit your healthcare facility? Contact us today to learn more!

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