Check-In/Registration Completion

A patient may check-in at a kiosk or greeter station upon arrival.  Optionally, a way-finding map can be produced to direct them to their ultimate destination. For pre-registered patients, any documents that must be signed can be generated for immediate review and completion, while items like photo ID’s and insurance cards can be scanned.

Patient Waiting List

Advanced patient wait list strategies can be employed to support immediate processing (e.g. surgery patient arrives within ½ hour of their surgery) or deferred processing (e.g. waiting for physician order).  Using skills-based routing, patient needs can be matched to the specific skill set of a registrar (e.g. preferred language, balance owed).  Dedicated wait lists/queues can also be established to handle patients with specific needs (e.g. financial counseling) allowing a site to fast track patients who are ready to see their physician(s).

Registration Tracking

ActiveTRACK captures real-time metrics including arrival, wait times, registration, and clinical transitions.  Visibility to all departments of patient status is especially useful for patients with multiple services across multiple departments.  This eliminates calls between clinical areas, which is a huge employee satisfier.