ActiveXCHANGE + RightFax Integration

Take Your Healthcare Document Management to the Next Level!

The U.S. hospital industry loses $5 billion per year, due to outdated communication technology.

It’s not hard to make the business case for better document management in healthcare. You need a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution that offers fast, compliant, paperless workflows for all your patient information, physician orders, billing documents, and more—including fax-based transmissions.


ActiveXCHANGE + RightFax Integration can create that solution.


ActiveXCHANGE is a sophisticated document management and workflow tool, currently at work in some of today’s best health systemsActiveXCHANGE helps facilities send, receive, search, track, trend, report, and manage records electronically.


RightFax, as you probably know, is the new standard in automated healthcare information exchange. RightFax integrates fax distribution with your email, desktop, and document management applications—enabling high-volume fax delivery from CRM, ECM, ERP, and other host applications.


ActiveXCHANGE + RightFax integration can create a seamless, secure healthcare data environment—with a host of cost-saving benefits:

Healthcare Document
Management Challenges:
ActiveXCHANGE + RightFax Integration Solutions:
Wasted Time
  • Faxing becomes as convenient as email with full fax integration for your email platform.
  • Clinical and financial clearance can be obtained well ahead of service.
Wasted Paper
  • Users can quickly import fax orders—regardless of the origination source (PMS, EMR)—then export orders into your host HIS system.
  • Split and index multipage faxes separately, without printing and refaxing.  Route interdepartmental faxes to individual department queues.
Compliance Issues
  • Ensure secure document exchange via fax, encrypted PDF email, or certified web-based delivery.
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all data exchange actions.  See who indexed, viewed, printed, moved, or deleted any given fax.
  • Achieve full compliance with HIPAA and all industry regulations.
Lost or Misfiled Records
  • Finding and retrieving records is simple, thanks to consistent naming conventions and a variety of search parameter options.
  • Automated barcoding facilitates scanning/routing/reconciliation.
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