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automate workflow processes


Intelligent Automation

HealthWare Systems' proven workflow and integration platform, Facilitator, is built to meet the demands of the healthcare marketplace. Facilitator streamlines pre-arrival workflow, prior authorization, insurance verification, medical necessity checking, financial assistance screening, appeals management, release of information, and more.

healthcare workflow automation

Automate Workflow Processes
Minimize Reptitive Manual Work

Intelligent Automation

Why Workflow Automation?

  • Utilizes Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Automates event processing, deficiency tracking, and escalation

    • Alerts/Notifications based on escalation rules to keep high profile items on your radar at all times​

  • Manages and responds automatically to external events

  • Integrated forms and messaging library automates information delivery

  • ALL information “actionable” in real-time – regardless of format

  • Automatically releases information electronically to EMR/EHR and 3rd party products

  • APIs and web services to host 3rd party products within Facilitator framework

automate processes

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