HealthWare Systems Signs on as MEDITECH Connect Vendor/Partner

Firm joins independent user group and social media network geared specifically for MEDITECH hospitals.

Elgin, IL, February 11, 2013 – HealthWare Systems, a provider of comprehensive revenue cycle solutions, today announced a new vendor/partnership with MEDITECH Connect, a user group and social media network for MEDITECH hospitals.

MEDITECH Connect users, consultants, vendor/partners can collaborate via the Meditech Connect website.  The site offers access to targeted group forums, webinars, user group knowledgebase and online training resource, blog posting, and more.

“HealthWare Systems is excited about our new relationship with Meditech Connect,” said Patrick Murray, Vice President, HealthWare Systems.  “Our ActiveWARE platform is already integrated with Meditech and installed with several Meditech hospitals throughout the country.  We look forward to engaging with over 4,000 Meditech end users on a daily basis and showcasing our cutting edge healthcare solutions for workflow management, gap-fill technology and revenue cycle management.”

About Meditech Connect
At over 4,000 members, MEDITECH Connect is the fastest growing, independent MEDITECH user group in the world.  A sister network of Health IT Social, the website brings together healthcare users to share best practice and IT knowledge, while at the same time provide useful resources geared specifically for MEDITECH hospitals.  Completely free to join, the network looks to provide channels of communication based on the idea that properly functioning software can save a life the same way a doctor can via a proper diagnosis.

About HealthWare Systems
Founded in 1998, HealthWare Systems creates, develops and integrates innovative software solutions to improve workflow processes within the revenue cycle. By significantly reducing rework, their front-end focused systems make it possible for hospitals to concentrate on quality of patient interaction and improve a patient’s personal experience. Designed to prevent denials and underpayments by “getting it right the first time,” our solutions eliminate the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that result in waste, poor cash flow and reduced margins. The ActiveWARE platform provides support for document management, electronic forms, workflow, analysis and archive storage to help hospital staff perform at a top level, resulting in a positive return on investment in the shortest possible amount of time.

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