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#IHeartHIT : Celebrating Health IT and #NHITweek

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#IHeartHIT : Celebrating Health IT and #NHITweek

Posted on Wed, Oct 04, 2017

It’s National Health IT Week! This week is dedicated to raising awareness about the value of health IT for U.S. healthcare and the patient experience.

Here are the week’s Points of Engagement, the specific benefits of health IT that will be highlighted throughout National Health IT Week:

  1. Supporting Healthcare Transformation – changing healthcare for the better

  2. Expanding Access to High Quality Healthcare – improving access and quality with innovative technologies

  3. Increasing Economic Opportunity – providing job opportunities and contributing to economic growth

  4. Making Communities Healthier – supporting population and public health

You can find a Calendar of Events for National Health IT Week here.

In addition, one simple way you can join in celebrating National Health IT Week is by reading these true stories of the difference that health IT has made in real lives.  You can also share the stories (or submit your own) using the hashtag #IHeartHIT .

Common themes throughout these real-life experiences of health IT include:

  1. Its effect on patient safety

  2. Its ability to improve patient engagement

  3. The many ways it continues to improve the patient experience

Enjoy #NHITweek !


By Stephanie Salmich

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