RightFax Platinum Reseller Diem Technologies
Partners with HealthWare Systems

The partnership gives health care facilities access to the best of both worlds—premium RightFax technology and ActiveXCHANGE paperless workflow technology

Elgin, IL, November 25, 2013 – Diem Technologies, a Dallas-Fort Worth based OpenText RightFax reseller, has joined forces with HealthWare Systems, a provider of comprehensive revenue cycle solutions, to bring the best in fax management and workflow systems to health care facilities.

Diem Technologies will become a reseller of HealthWare Systems’ ActiveXCHANGE solution, a robust document management solution that makes it easy to send, receive, search, track, trend, report, and manage patient records electronically.

Diem Technologies has been focusing on all things fax-related since 1993 and is a platinum reseller of Open Text RightFax technology, which is a market leader in Fax Server, Fax Automation and Fax over IP solutions.

Together, HealthWare and Diem will help customers take their documents and make them actionable. ActiveXCHANGE will be available through the RightFax system with minimal or no installation.

“Customers will be able to turbo-charge their RightFax system with the workflow technology that ActiveXCHANGE offers,” said Mike Clements, Vice President, Diem Technologies.

HealthWare System’s ActiveXCHANGE solution is a comprehensive indexing solution and paperless workflow for all forms of unstructured patient information, such as physician orders, third-party test results, and pre-surgical documentation. The physician order software provides:

  • Highly secure and HIPAA-compliant audit trails for all activity
  • Single-click rejection notices, faxed back to the originator, if incomplete or illegible files are received
  • Comprehensive search capability for locating information based on any number of search categories/indices
  • The ability to grant simultaneous access to documentation to multiple users and departments without making copies
  • The capacity to send information to multiple destinations in a single transmission
  • Detailed reporting of all activity and staff performance
  • A safeguard against lost or misplaced files

About Diem Technologies

Diem Technologies has been a recognized leader in Fax Productivity Solutions since 1993. Known as All Things Fax, Diem has a high level of experience and expertise in this area. As an OpenText Platinum Fax Reseller, their goal is to be a trusted partner that will have a customer’s best interest at heart. Through a consultative approach, Diem feels it’s their responsibility to understand your current environment and future requirements so that they can recommend the best solution for your organization. See more at:http://www.diem.com.

About HealthWare Systems

Founded in 1998, HealthWare Systems creates, develops and integrates innovative software solutions to improve workflow processes within the revenue cycle. By significantly reducing rework, its front-end focused systems make it possible for hospitals to concentrate on quality of patient interaction and improve a patient’s personal experience. Designed to prevent denials and underpayments by “getting it right the first time,” our solutions eliminate the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that result in waste, poor cash flow and reduced margins. The ActiveWARE platform provides support for document management, electronic forms, workflow, analysis and archive storage to help hospital staff perform at a top level, resulting in a positive return on investment in the shortest possible amount of time. For more information on HealthWare Systems, please visithttp://www.healthwaresystems.com.




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