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Seamless & Secure Integration with RightFax

ActiveXCHANGE is a cost-effective, secure, easy-to-implement solution that offers fast, compliant, paperless workflows for all your patient information, physician orders, billing documents, and more—including those triggered via fax-based transmissions.


Next Generation Document Automation

ActiveXCHANGE does NOT replace your existing e-fax solution. It allows you to maximize your investment with these additional benefits:

integrate with e-fax solution

AI-Based Automated Indexing
Automated Routing
Direct Integration with EMR/EHR Platforms
Improved Search and Retrieval

Response Automation

Workflow Automation

Integration with RPA

Automated Indexing

Automated Indexing

ActiveXCHANGE consolidates all inputs and utilizes AI to automatically recognize, interpret, and route each item regardless of format or input source.

The result is a fully indexed item ready to release to your source of truth and to trigger automated workflows.

HIPAA compliant Fax

Integration Options

Not all information arrives via fax.  SFTP uploads, web capture, and scanned documentation are just a few examples.

Direct integration with your source of truth enables ActiveXCHANGE to act as a gateway and route fully indexed items to any system.

Extended Features

Extended Features

Improved indexing results in easier search and retrieval for users.

No more storing of unencrypted images in file directories maintained by users.


Eliminates potential HIPAA issues.

automate workflows

Workflow Automation

Trigger workflows automatically upon the receipt of an incoming item. 

Automate responses by recognizing what was requested, locating items needed, and creating response packet…with no user intervention required.

Establish notifications and alerts for issues that require immediate attention.


More than 80% of all information and correspondence received by healthcare providers is still in an unstructured form.


ActiveXCHANGE adds structure to e-fax images and converts them into actionable data.

ActiveXCHANGE Integration Brochure

RrightFax Integration
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