ActiveWARE: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

At HealthWare Systems, we understand the healthcare workflow process and its direct impact on your revenue cycle.  And we recognize your need to not only improve your quality of care, but also manage the total cost of that care.  As a leader in healthcare revenue cycle solutions, our goal is to help you automate your operations cycle (from orders and registration to patient tracking and financial clearance) so you can advance your patient care.  And we can do it all without the cost or inconvenience associated with a complete system replacement.

Our ActiveWARE platform streamlines interdepartmental workflow by centralizing the flow of patient data.  It brings together all critical patient and physician information from separate systems and combines it into a single, electronic patient folder that can be viewed throughout your facility.  ActiveWARE’s robust products eliminate paper files and automate information exchange, which gives your providers a comprehensive, electronic snapshot of current patient status.

Concerned about reaching performance benchmarks?  The ActiveWARE solution can help you reach your goals by immediately identifying inefficiencies and triggering corrective actions ― all based on your facility-defined standards.

ActiveWARE enables healthcare facilities to focus on patient care – instead of patient administration.


Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Suite includes:


Digital Order Management

Our digital order management solution delivers a versatile, centralized, and paperless platform for receiving, reviewing, distributing, storing and tracking orders to or from physician offices, surgery centers, and ancillary departments. The system eliminates “lost” patient orders, and promotes account accuracy and data access.



Our comprehensive pre-arrival solutions ensure that all patient encounters are clinically and financially cleared before the patient arrives. The system takes the guesswork out of preparing for patient visits by clearly identifying and enforcing specific steps to meet clearance standards.  It also boasts robust timing and reporting tools so that productivity can be monitored.

Patient Arrival / Lobby Management

First impressions are just that; your opportunity to quickly and efficiently greet and interact with arriving patients. Our patient arrival tools ensure that patients are greeted and registered in a professional manner.  By integrating with other products in the ActiveWARE suite, our arrival solution moves patients to their appointments quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.

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