Katrina Spears,

Manager of Business & Informatics, Surgical Services,

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital:

“We’re always thinking of different ways we can use the solutions from HealthWare to even further streamline our workflow and standardize our processes. They coordinated with us to make sure our specific needs were met, and the outcome has been excellent.”

“HealthWare Systems helped us adapt their [ActiveFORMS] system to our processes, so we knew they would be able to meet our need for the automated faxes. By implementing [ActiveXCHANGE], we were easily able to automate our department workflow.”

“[ActiveXCHANGE] has automated our workflow and helped us to manage our faxes significantly. For example, we can automatically reject faxes that are incomplete or inaccurate back to the corresponding physician office with a click of the mouse rather than fax repeatedly between offices.”

“We’ve cut down noticeably on the amount of time necessary for processing of our patient charts, which has allowed us to use a clerical worker for our receptionist position rather than a registered nurse and saved us money.”

Carol Turnage,

IT Telecommunications Manager,
Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

“HealthWare’s customer service response is second to none. I’ve never seen anything like it. I couldn’t be more pleased. If we ever have a problem with speed or the server, they’re right on top of it. I would highly recommend them, bar none.”

“The integration of ActiveXCHANGE with EPIC enables our staff to work more efficiently from improved workflows and automation, allowing us to deliver a more cohesive operation and enhance customer satisfaction. We are extremely impressed with how ActiveXCHANGE automatically releases all of the documents to the EPIC patient folder, eliminating any need to print and scan into EPIC or our Imaging solution.”

“[HealthWare provided] great project managers and they’re very knowledgeable about the product. The knowledgeable people on staff make it a huge success, in addition to the prompt customer service. It was very seamless. They took the time to train us and really went into great detail about how it was going to work. They were so good to work with. One week we were on our old system, the next week we were on ActiveXCHANGE.”

“Because the application can run on top of our existing RightFax infrastructure and virtual environment, costs have decreased. We aren’t charged by the number of pages being faxed, like most other fax server systems. With HealthWare, it’s a monthly fixed price.”


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