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Enhance your ability to secure complete and accurate information from patients during the registration process through electronic forms and workflow improvements.

Minimize the economic impact of incomplete registration forms and maximize your secured revenue by reducing denials, underpayments and outstanding account receivables.

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Secure & Complete Registration Documentation

ActiveREG ensures your staff secures the necessary information during registration to minimize incomplete or refused payments. Patients are then able to receive a higher level of customer service - after treatment.

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Data Capture

Discover the Benefits of ActiveREG

Automate Forms Recognition

Eliminate the need to manually identify documents for security and retention purposes when adding them to the system. 

Barcode Detection & Recognition

Reduce the hassle of placing barcodes in the same location every time. Allows you to locate barcodes on any document, in any location and in any orientation.

Real-Time Notifications

Departments can define the minimum set of documents that need to be captured within the system. If those needs are not met, the system will notify the appropriate supervisor.

Decrease Paper Use

Eliminate unnecessary pages! Document tiling allows merging documents into a single page, such as the front and back of driver's licenses and insurance cards.

Management Notes

Electronically attach notes and alerts to a particular patient. During registration, the system automatically alerts and displays any management notes for the admission staff to review.

Electronic Forms Automation

Using electronic forms allows your facility to populate patient specific information from data captured during registration. Patients can electronically sign documents.

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