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Communication and patient engagement is key to revenue cycle success.


Enhance your patient-provider communication! With our RCM technology solutions, we can help bring patients back for preventive care with a custom patient outreach strategy designed for your facility.

Five different people, male and female, holding iphones, smiling, and patient outreach reading messages


Online Patient Portal Benefits Both Patients and Healthcare Providers

Patients are missing preventive care visits at alarming rates. It is essential that healthcare organizations communicate with their patients about the dangers of delaying or avoiding care. ActiveXCHANGE can be bundled with our messaging platform to add automated voice message (TTS), text, email, pagers, fax, and traditional mail to create a physician and patient outreach engine for alerts, reminders, requests for information, and post-acute care follow-up.

A phone and tablet showcasing HealthWare Systems' patient outreach messaging. Tablet shows an awareness campaign for breast cancer and mammogram appointments.
A laptop and iphone displaying ActiveASSIST patient portal dashboards.

Discover the Benefits of Automated Outreach

Appointment Management

Physicians can send automated appointment reminders and patients schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare staff and improving patient access to care.

Preventative Care

Promote proactive health management by sending automated reminders for preventive screenings, vaccinations, and wellness check-ups.

Follow-Up Care

After their visit, patients receive follow-up messages to assess their health and offer guidance for their aftercare, which fosters trust and a seamless experience.


Providers can reach patients through their preferred communication channels, such as email, SMS, or phone calls. Patients can respond at their convenience, making engagement more accessible.

Increased Patient Engagement

Automated outreach can be personalized to address specific patient needs and preferences, enhancing the patient's sense of being valued and understood.

Health Education

Offer educational resources and information about medical conditions, treatment options, and proactive healthcare.

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