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ActiveREG – Patient Registration Software

Updated: Sep 15

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ActiveREG – Patient Registration Software

Posted on Fri, Aug 31, 2012

ActiveREG is patient registration software that informs staff of specific steps to complete for each patient registration, including what documents to scan, to increase registration accuracy and extend the functionality of your existing registration system. Management and payor notes inform registrar of special requirements based on businsess rules triggered by medical record, patient type, insurance or any other criteria. 

Desktop Registration Scanning

Our scanning solution is capable of recognizing multiple barcodes on a page regardless of the location or orientation of the barcode. This eliminates the need to redesign forms to make room for the barcode.

Auto Recall Documents

Business rules can be established within ActiveREG to automatically carry forward an information object from one patient encounter to the next. The business rules define the timeframe before the object expires. Until that time expires, the object will continue to be copied forward. This improves patient satisfaction as patients aren’t required to provide or complete the same documents (i.e. driver’s license, insurance card, privacy notice) each visit.

Web-Based EPF Viewers

Viewing applications for internal users and external users can be provided. These viewers provide access to the contents of ActiveREG along with a full audit trail of all user access. Web-based viewers are useful for providing controlled access to vendors such as collection agencies, auditors, and other users that may be located away from the main campus.

Forms Automation

Patient Registration Form AutomationActiveREG provides support for our forms automation solution which eliminates the need for pre-printed forms, blue cards, and labels to create patient forms. This solution creates forms using standard laser printers and sends the appropriate form template and patient information (including barcodes) to the printer as a standard Windows print stream. Business rules determine which forms are required based on the type of patient registration being performed.

As a result, the burden of picking and choosing forms, filling out the patient information, and affixing labels to those forms is eliminated. In addition, the significant cost of pre-printed forms is eliminated as well. Registrars can then focus on the patient and not the complexity of deciding which forms are applicable.

Data Documents

Very often documents can be created without having to print and scan them first. Documents which are driven by data can be generated by translating print streams or data feeds and then mapping the information directly to a form template. This provides the ability to automatically load these documents to the appropriate patient folder without having to index them in any way.

Deficiency Tracking and Resolution

Deficiency analysis can be performed throughout the patient encounter…from a financial perspective. Each encounter has specific data and documentation requirements. These can be enforced through the business rules engine. Any deficiencies can appear on exception reports or routed to worklists (with our ActiveQ product). In addition, other solutions can tap into the power of ActiveREG to continuously monitor the patient encounter and to flag and track deficiencies as they occur. Acceptable timeframes for completing the performance of specific tasks or the creation/acquisition of particular documents can be built into this monitoring capability as well. This ensures that steps are completed accurately and timely to avoid rescheduling, delays, or denials resulting from incomplete documentation or data.

Release Engine to 3rd Party Systems

Any information captured in ActiveREG can be shared or routed to other 3rd party systems through a release engine. These are configured for each solution so that any object that needs to reside in another database can be released, fully indexed, and imported as needed.

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