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Case Study Shows Gains Using Workflow Management in a Self-Pay System

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Case Study Shows Gains Using Workflow Management in a Self-Pay System

Posted on Thu, Jun 27, 2013

Does your healthcare organization need a stronger self-pay management strategy? Most providers are saying yes. According to Healthcare Business Insights research, the average healthcare organization only manages to collect about 40 percent of patient balances that remain after insurance.  Worse, hospitals and health systems fail to collect 93 percent of pure self-pay balances.

A new case study featuring our self-pay management technology presents promising results. Read the full workflow management technology case study Meanwhile, share these statistics with your healthcare associates.

From 2009 to 2011, HealthWare’s self-pay management tools helped one hospital:

  1. Decrease uncompensated care by $6 million

  2. Increase POS collections by $600,000

  3. Reinvent ED workflows for more appropriate, effective patient account management

How did it happen? In 2009, Botsford Hospital, a 300-bed Michigan facility that was struggling to manage its growing self-pay population partnered with HealthWare Systems. In fact, Botsford saw uncompensated care totals increase by $6 million in the two-year span between 2007 and 2009. Botsford needed workflow management tools to reclaim its balance sheet—specifically, the hospital needed tools that could provide insurance eligibility verification, on-demand payment estimation, and point-of-service (POS) collections/upfront payment processing.

And that’s exactly what we gave them. After our developers incorporated HealthWare tools into Botsford’s registration workflow, the hospital effectively reversed its trend of uncompensated care, while more than doubling its POS collections.

“HealthWare is a key partner for us in the technology portion of the project that we think has been very successful,” said Luke Meert, Corporate Director of Accounts Receivable for Botsford Hospital. And we’re equally thrilled to see our products improve not just healthcare receivables, but overall processes and workflows, too.

Click to read the full story on Botsford Hospital’s remarkable turnaround.

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