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Fax Software & Document Management Solutions for Healthcare

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Fax Software & Document Management Solutions for Healthcare

Posted on Tue, Jun 12, 2012

ActiveEXCHANGE is our fax software and document management solution for healthcare. Physician orders are critical source documents that impact both the revenue cycle and patient care. The physician order typically kicks off the revenue cycle process, affects all pre-encounter activities, and drives final reimbursement. ActiveEXCHANGE provides a single user interface capable of receiving incoming orders from any source including online, fax, and EMR-based physician orders.

Through our highly configurable workflow capabilities, ActiveEXCHANGE enables a hospital to determine the best method to receive, collect and manage all incoming documents, easily review orders for accuracy, reject and return incomplete documents with just one click, route information to appropriate departments electronically and index documents for permanent, encrypted storage and future retrieval. ActiveEXCHANGE can be configured to support centralized, decentralized, and hybrid environments simultaneously to satisfy virtually any model used by your facility.

It also provides a secure platform for you to deliver valuable information back to your physicians by restricting transmission to only those recipients on the hospital’s approved list of destinations.

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