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Revenue Cycle Healthcare Solution – ActiveWARE

Updated: Sep 15

HealthWare Systems Blog

Healthcare Solution – ActiveWARE

Posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012

ActiveWARE is a healthcare solution consisting of patient registration accuracy, document and physician order management, forms automation, workflow automation, and numerous integration tools that aid in healthcare revenue cycle management. As a result, we are able to layer our healthcare solution on to an existing HIS platform or 3rd party application. We enable best of breed solutions to work together in a more transparent manner. We don’t come in and ask you to replace a trusted vendor or product with our own. We determine what’s working well and integrate it into our platform so you retain your original investments in both software and training. We make it possible to aggregate and share information which eliminates rekeying and rework that result from bouncing between multiple applications.

This platform aggregates information from disparate systems into a single, comprehensive electronic patient folder. Our business intelligence engine monitors everything that goes into and out of this electronic patient folder. The business rules enforce data and documentation standards, performance benchmarks, and trigger workflow tasks whenever an issue is detected, or actionable information needs to be presented to an end user. This eliminates the “out of sight, out of mind” problems that plague most hospital processes by monitoring each encounter in real time 24/7.

We don’t simply manage “patient registration accuracy” for our clients….we manage “encounter accuracy”. By taking a holistic approach to the entire healthcare revenue cycle management process, and managing all financial data and documentation collected for that patient encounter, we are able to make everything “actionable”. Using sophisticated deficiency tracking and management techniques, we can proactively manage the encounter and drive workflow as events occur and conditions are detected within the patient encounter.

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