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Real-Time Text Updates Boost Satisfaction of Patients AND Family Members

Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A simple change, such as utilizing HIPAA compliant text messaging and real-time text updates, is an extremely effective way to improve how patients feel a provider is treating them.

Here are three benefits that will come from introducing real-time text updates:

1. Reduced Anxiety & Improved Family Experience:

Usually, when a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, there is a support system of family or friends present and waiting throughout the entire process. More often than not, ineffective communication between the support system and physician can leave a negative lasting impression.  When patients’ family members are left waiting for hours not knowing how a surgery is progressing and not receiving any updates, they are left frustrated and in a state of panic. By providing real-time text updates to patients’ family members throughout the surgery, physicians can communicate more efficiently and hopefully lower waiting room anxiety.

Real-time text updates can boost patient and family satisfaction.
Real-time text updates boost patient & family satisfaction.

2. Increased Patient Satisfaction & Loyalty to the Hospital:

When patients feel well taken care of and supported, they don’t feel like just another room number. And when patients’ family members feel engaged and updated throughout the entire process, they will always associate a positive patient experience with that healthcare facility. Enhancing the patient experience with real-time text alerts will in return increase their loyalty to the hospital. With these real-time text updates, family and friends no longer need to sit around in the waiting room for hours on end. A hospital waiting room can be emotionally and physically draining, so the ability to leave and not miss out on any valuable information regarding a loved one is a huge benefit. And a positive experience for patients’ family members makes a big difference in boosting patient satisfaction scores.

3. Improved Clinical Workflow:

If patients’ family members are left in the waiting room with no updates, this can lead to questioning directed towards a receptionist or nurse passing by, disrupting the facility’s current workflow. By implementing HIPAA compliant text messaging, patients’ family members will receive real-time text updates not just in the waiting room, but virtually in any location, allowing fewer interruptions and for clinical workflow to run smoothly.

Improved patient-provider communication is important for enhancing the patient experience and boosting patient satisfaction scores. Adding secure, HIPAA compliant text messaging and real-time text updates will ensure better communication and equal happy patients.


By Samantha Willis

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