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#Thankful – Giving Thanks for Technology in Healthcare

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This week let’s take a moment to give thanks for technology in healthcare. No matter where we fall below, each of us has something to be grateful for thanks to the benefits of technology.

Physicians – Interoperability in Healthcare

Interoperability in healthcare allows physicians access to all relevant patient data from other providers in a useful format. When a facility has the ability to integrate healthcare data from outside sources, physicians can be confident they have the information they need to treat their patients safely, efficiently, and accurately.

Hospital Employees – Workflow Automation

Technology in healthcare has reduced internal workloads through the automation of manual processes. Not only does it make life easier for staff, but it also increases efficiency.

Healthcare Administrators – Improved Revenue Cycle

Technology can protect against bad debt, reimbursement denials, and costly rework by ensuring patient encounter accuracy and preventing registration and insurance errors. Workflow automation, increased efficiency, and a reduction in paper also contribute to an improved revenue cycle, and all are the result of the use of technology in healthcare.

Patients – Enhanced Patient Experience & Improved Patient Engagement

From lowering wait times, to improving the valet service, to providing texting alerts and notifications, technology has truly created an enhanced patient experience. Health apps, social media, patient portals, digital medicine devices, and telemedicine have all improved patient engagement.

Vendors – Patients & Clients Embracing New Technology

Not only do more and more people embrace new technology, many have come to expect it! Openness to learning how to use new technology in healthcare is always helpful towards its successful adoption.


We’re #thankful for technology in healthcare! What else are you thankful for?

Give thanks with the hashtag #thankful and share this blog along with the benefits of technology in healthcare that make you thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!


By Stephanie Salmich

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