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The Problems with Paper-Based Physician Order Management

The Problems with Paper-Based Physician Order Management

Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Still dealing with faxes and paper-based physician order management? Many hospitals and health systems are.

According to the ONC’s April 2015 Data Brief, three out of four hospitals had adopted at least a basic EHR system, as of 2014. But “basic” systems don’t include key electronic functions—like computerized provider order entry for lab reports, radiology tests, nursing orders, and more.

Meanwhile, lots of hospitals are still using outdated fax technology to receive physician orders, submit prescriptions, process insurance claims, share billing information, transmit test results, and register new patients.

Disseminating sensitive health information via old-school fax can result in several major problems, including:

  1. HIPAA Compliance Failures and Data Security Breaches

  2. System-Wide Inefficiencies

  3. Revenue Cycle Stalls

  4. Unsatisfactory Patient Experiences

Until EHR systems achieve interoperability goals and universal adoption (and that’s a pretty big until…) hospitals need a secure, reliable way to keep vital data flowing. ActiveXCHANGE is the solution.

ActiveXCHANGE is a physician order management platform and paperless workflow for all forms of unstructured patient information. ActiveXCHANGE helps health systems take control of faxed physician orders, insurance requests, third-party test results, and more. Watch our latest explainer video to see how much easier physician order management can be:

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