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Three Reasons to Automate the Patient Registration Process

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Three Reasons to Automate the Patient Registration Process

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2013

Patient registration should be a straightforward activity. You take a person’s information and put it into the system. Then, the patient has their test, checks out, and insurance or the patient is billed.

It should be, but there’s more to patient registration than meets the eye. And most health care organizations have complicated and cumbersome patient registration systems, putting patient safety and satisfaction at risk, as well as jeopardizing their own revenue.

Implementing patient registration software like ActiveREG can simplify the registration process without the risk, cost, or delay of replacing your current registration systems.

This type of registration accuracy solution offers three significant benefits:

  1. It allows you to capture accurate patient information, improving both patient safety and revenue collections. In addition, integrated error checking and up-front eligibility verification reduces denials, identifies and corrects discrepancies in information such as names, birth dates, or addresses, streamlines the entire pre-registration/registration process, and improves the collections process.

  2. It helps you share information across the health care system. Connecting and sharing information across different departments, such as the emergency department and outpatient surgery, ensures that the patient’s accurate information is immediately accessible throughout your facility, and reduces the opportunities for error.

  3. It ensures that your staff is productive and efficient. Accurate information capture at each instance of patient contact makes a facility’s staff more efficient, by reducing rework and potential errors caused by inaccurate information.  Registration accuracy cuts patient wait times and enables you to route patients with special needs to the right registrars. Automated deficiency analysis, data integrity measures, and third party verification of demographics can decrease rework and denials and significantly increase your staff’s registration throughput.

It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Likewise, technology that addresses health care management headaches at the beginning of the patient encounter cycle – at scheduling/pre-registration – alleviates more serious ailments that may come later on.

HealthWare Systems’ ActiveREG ensures that each patient is registered accurately and that all documentation is captured correctly. And, when you have accurate information and correct documentation up front, you will have cleaner claims, a reduced cost to collect, an improved patient experience, and enhanced revenue for the health care organization.

Request a demo of ActiveREG and see how you can simplify your patient registration process.

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