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Patient Tracking Solution – ActiveTRACK

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Patient Tracking – ActiveTRACK

Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

ActiveTRACK is our patient tracking solution that allows facilities to locate a patient throughout their hospital visit.  Patient tracking is obtained from collecting key data throughout the patients visit from check-in to discharge.

Capturing these patient benchmarks allow management real-time access to:

  1. Patient waiting times

  2. Registrar’s time to comlete registration and documentation

  3. Clinical pickup/transportation time

  4. Service times in clinical areas

Patient tracking in ActiveTRACK also provides the registration staff with a patient scheduled & waiting list, and gives them the ability to find the patients location on screen which reduces the amount of phone calls previously needed to locate the patient.

Scalable options for our patient tracking include:

  1. Patient check-in kiosks

  2. Patient ticketing

  3. Patient tracking boards

  4. Personal paging

Other Benefits

Registrar Specialties By defining specialties and expertise of each registrar, it is possible for the system to return only those patients that meet a registrar’s particular skill level. For instance, if a patient is pre-registered and a candidate for financial assistance, the system would direct that patient to a registrar with financial counseling expertise.

Predictive Staff Models By measuring the historical benchmarks and comparing expected patient volumes (based on scheduled accounts), it is possible to do projections of the staffing levels needed for specific days/times to handle scheduled patient volumes.

Expediting Specific Registrations, Increasing Departmental Throughput and Utilization Because management has a real-time view of all patients in the facility, ancillary departments can selectively choose a patient from the waiting list to get them to an underutilized area as quickly as possible.

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